About Me

I love talking to people! Telling stories, hearing what people are passionate about and sharing those with an audience are what I do best. 

If I had to sum myself up in three words I’d say: Curious, Considerate, Communicator. 

I decided when I was about 8 years old that I wanted to be a broadcaster and would wander around my home with a little red tape recorder pretending to be on the radio. I’d also make my family pretend to be guests and tell them they were from different planets! I also remember my Auntie Marg taking me on a trip to the Moon (in my Nan’s back garden!) which ignited my love of space. 

Growing up I had a passion for reading and as I got older developed a love for history and the theatre too. I was always curious about science, but like many people, didn’t have a great experience in science lessons at school. That all changed when I started interviewing people at the Cheltenham Science Festival years later. 

Wearing a replica spacesuit at the 2019 Cheltenham Science Festival
Presenting a show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

After doing voluntary work for commercial and hospital radio, I then became a volunteer on the Action Desk at BBC Radio Gloucestershire, while studying for my degree in English Literature and Media Communications at the University of Gloucestershire. Before graduating I’d secured a weekend job at the radio station, which turned into a 20 year career as a presenter, producer, events reporter, documentary maker and senior podcast producer. I left the BBC in November 2023 to go freelance.  

Away from broadcasting, I’m a highly accomplished interviewer and chair and familiar face on stage at events like the Gloucester History Festival, Stroud Book Festival and Norwich Science Festival.  

In my spare time I enjoy yoga, Pilates, walking, theatre, reading, travelling, volunteering at the John Moore Museum in Tewkesbury and making my own arts and science podcast. 

Jo Durrant's Beautiful Universe

I have a lifelong passion for the arts and curiosity about how the world works, which I’ve turned into my own, independent, award-winning arts and science podcast Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe. 

I launched the podcast in October 2020 and interview scientists, artists, writers, musicians and historians about their life and work and what makes them passionate about their subject. I pride myself on in depth, well researched interviews, conducted as a relaxed conversation. I often ask guests the Quick Six, which is a virtual journey in time and space.   

I have some regular features such as myth busting with Prof Adam Hart, Dr Emma Yhnell and Dr Jonny Brooks-Bartlett; exploring science fiction cinema with Jeff Downes & Graham O’Dwyer and looking at the latest space stories with Paul Rincon. I also have a virtual museum where we discuss objects found in real life museums and archives, and ‘Periodically with Jamie’ where Dr Jamie Gallagher tells us stories from the Periodic Table. 

Winning the Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Other guests who have appeared on the podcast include Dr Kat Arney, Jane Bailey, Dr Tracy Borman, Corey Brotherson, Dallas Campbell, Dr Daisy Dunn, Christopher Edge, Allie Esiri, Dr Helen Fry, Dr Kathryn Harkup, Jackie Kabler, James Mayhew, Prof Janina Ramirez, Alom Shaha, Prof Barry Smith and Zeb Soanes. 

I was incredibly honoured to win the Sir Arthur Clarke award for Space Achievement in the Media category in June 2021 for Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe podcast. 

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